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Packaging Design

2022 SPRING 

This was a freelance graphic design project for Bed Behavior. I designed the packaging for the hand sanitizer, assisted in prototyping, communicated with the manufacturer about our design requirements until the product was launched.

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 2021 FALL | Design a new dining experience for NYC restaurants during COVID-19 

A flat-pack double story pavilion for restaurant outdoor dining spaces in NYC. 

Learn More About the Case Study...(here)

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Visual Design

 2022 SUMMER  

Viviana Studio is a Taiwanese clothing brand. I designed their logo and shipping packaging. In addition, I create web banners for their monthly clothing collection.

Creative Coding

 2022 FALL  

As my first coding project, I designed a simple catching game using Processing. This game has three levels of difficulty. Players have three lives available if they miss catching a gummy, and they must achieve a certain score to advance to next level.

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 2019 FALL | Touch free umbrella dryer 

Gale is a B2B design that dries umbrellas in 10 seconds using high-speed air, it will save commercial buildings money from plastic umbrella bags, and it will speed up the entrance traffic on rainy days.

Learn More About the Case Study...(here)

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