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4 WEEKS  |  GROUP  PROJECT  |  2019

This project shows how we define, interoperate and enhance mobility through design. 

Eden is a standing mobile that helps infants learn how to walk naturally on their own, at their own pace. It uses the relationship between an infant’s development of object engagement and the the ergonomics of walking to facilitate the transition from crawling to walking.

Market Research

"Baby walkers are an unnecessary and dangerous product, pediatricians say." (TODAY)

There are many babies who are injured by infant walkers. During our research on current products on the market, we discovered that the walker actually causes more problems and is dangerous for the baby.

Parent/infant systems

  •  Infants rely too much on the parent

  •   Weight is not distributed on the legs evenly

  •   Not visually engaging

  •   Parents may control too much of the walking effort

Walkers on the market

  •  Infants rely and develop attachment to object

  •  Can trap infant inside system

  •  Does not engage necessary muscles for walking development

  •  Can also facilitate poor posture

Ergonomic Research


Afterward, we conducted some interviews and research and found a number of key points that could help infants really develop their walking skills.

Key Takeaways

  • Every infant learns at their own pace

  • Exercises like lifting the baby’s arms helps develop core muscles and straightens out the back

  • Infants are attracted to visual and auditory stimuli

  • Infants are motivated to explore their environment through early interaction with objects

Early Concept


We got the idea of combining the baby mobile with the baby walker to create a toy that would encourage infants to walk. Thus, we started working on the 3D modeling to see what could be refined.

toy lineup color white background.jpg

Refine The Design

We continue to improve the design. The early concept was too bulky, and it takes up too much space in the home. To make it easy to store, we want the design to be disassembled. In addition to that, we want Eden to allow parents to adjust the height and type of toys so that babies can play for a longer period of time. With this change, the user is able to choose toys that are suitable for their age, and infants' interests can be maintained.

File_005 (1).jpeg
File_000 (4).jpeg
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