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Hygge Stool


HYGGE- a quality of coziness and comfortable conviviality that engenders a feeling of contentment or well-being (regarded as a defining characteristic of Danish culture).

I created this stool while studying abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. I observed that people, including myself and my friends, really enjoy spending time outdoors. 

The whole city is filled with a Hygge atmosphere. People are chill and enjoy life to the fullest. In the evening, people may just chat and hang out by the river.

 I was inspired by this lifestyle to create a stool that is both portable and can be shared. With this stool, one could share their time, happiness, and joy with their loved ones.

My time in Copenhagen has given me the opportunity to observe different lifestyles, cultures, and design styles. I was surprised by the differences in design between cultures and how interesting it is to see  people approach design differently depending on their mindset. And this project was a way for me to document my life in there.


For two months while living in Copenhagen, I saw a lot of Scandinavian furniture designs in the city, and the Faaborg Chair stood out as one of my favorites. I really admire the use of canning on the side of this armchair, adding a different texture and transparency to the piece. One of the reasons why I designed the canning weaving on the Hygge stool was to represent this. But most importantly, the canning seat would make the stool lighter and be easier to carry. ​​

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I started developing my ideas, the form of the design, and how to incorporate the canning into the stool.

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Finalize The Design And Making Process

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Scale models

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E614E328-F63C-474C-9A36-8681C2733F86 copy.JPG

It was hard to find information about traditional caning techniques and especially on round furniture, so I spent a lot of time calculating hole placements and making mock-ups to determine if the weaving looks good on the stool.   


Making Process

536BFDD9-FB70-41D8-AD4E-F3BD2A41B08C copy.JPG
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Final Product

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