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Doyers Dress



In this project, I was interested in the diversity that exists within the neighborhoods of New York City. The Upper East Side, Soho, and Tribeca, for example, are all so different yet they are all parts of the same city. I chose to explore Chinatown, as I was curious to study its history and background. While researching, I found that there is a famous street named Doyers Street, where lots of gangsters met and fought in the past. Many died in these gang fights, particularly on Doyers Street.


The story inspired me to design a dress based on the historical background inspired me to design a dress based on my profound condolences for those who died on Doyers Street.


My design idea is to make a traditional Chinese dress, but transparent, symbolizing ghosts and spirits, something you probably can not see. On top of the dress are patterns of Buddhist scriptures for the dead. On the back of the dress is a tattoo for a gangster; in Chinese thought, tigers and dragons are thought to represent power, so many mobsters adopt these symbols.

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