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About Me

Hi there . Nice to meet you

My name is Iris Sun :) I am an interdisciplinary designer with a background in UX UI, Product and Industrial Design. With a focus on Human Computer Interaction, I am currently pursuing a Master degree at Georgia Institute of Technology, and I graduated from Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Product Design.


Design appeals to me because it combines beauty, stories, and exploring the possibilities of life. This is not just a skill for me to have, but a way of thinking differently and allowing me to experiment and explore creatively. 

Additionally, I am passionate about art, visual design, and integrating computing technologies into my design practice. I am fascinated by bridging the gap between physical and digital product design to bring the most meaningful experience, service, or system possible to users.

After Hours.

Outside of work .

Besides design, I love to travel, stroll through cities, observe architecture, people, landscape, and take film photographs when I'm walking. Although smart phones are capable of taking high resolution and great photos without any hassle, I still enjoy film photography a lot because of how well it captures life's rawness and the pure essence of a moment. Also, I really enjoy talking to other people and interacting with them. The interaction and listening to their life stories always inspires me greatly. :)

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